26 октября 2017 г.

Explosion at the quarry

The IZOTERM plant is one of the factories in Kazakhstan, located in the East Kazakhstan region, Ust-Kamenogorsk, pos. Glubokoe, which produces heat-insulating materials based on basalt fiber, was put into operation and has been successfully developing since August 29, 2007.

Production processes associated with the extraction of minerals by open, underground and combined methods include work on the opening, preparation and development of deposits, as well as the life support and safety of objects regulated by this technical regulation.

The open pit mining facilities include a quarry.

Blasting operations at the site of the IZOTHERM open pit mine are associated with the extraction of minerals, i.e. basalt are carried out in compliance with the requirements for the safe use and storage of explosive materials.

Work on the opening and preparation for operation of a mineral deposit, mined by an underground method, is carried out taking into account the engineering-geological, climatic and biological conditions and the equipment used in accordance with the project approved by the technical manager of the organization.

Environmentally friendly IZOTERM mineral wool consists of the finest interlocking fibers obtained by high-temperature melt of stone (gabbro-diabase).

Hydrophobized insulating board of increased rigidity from mineral wool based on basalt rock parod, produced with the use of a synthetic binder, with a corrugated structure (steep wave).

Basalt deposits on the territory of Isotherm provide the enterprise with raw materials from which basalt fiber is produced. Continuous basalt fiber has high strength, durability and resistance to aggressive environments (solutions of salts, acids and alkalis), and also has good characteristics as thermal insulation materials.