The IZOTERM factory is the first of Kazakhstan's factories, located in East Kazakhstan Region, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Glubokoye settlement, producing thermal insulation materials based on basalt fiber, on the European equipment of the Slovenian concern EVROVEK. It was commissioned and has successfully developed from August 29, 2007, and "preserving the warmth of your home" for more than 10 years.

The experience of the factory, acquired in such a short period of time, makes it possible to produce thermal insulation materials with an optimal price-quality ratio. Mats and boards have high indicators for ecological compatibility, heat conductivity and fire resistance, corresponding to modern requirements for thermal insulation materials.

Since 2017 the plant "IZOTERM" is part of the group of companies "MAMYR"

IZOTERM is a new generation of domestic high-quality heat and sound insulation materials based on stone wool. This accounts for their wide application in the construction, reconstruction or repair of residential houses and industrial buildings.

IZOTERM products have passed all necessary tests and certifications in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

  • A Kazakhstan factory producing modern thermal insulation materials from basalt fiber under the trade mark IZOTERM.
  • Field of application: industrial and civil construction, industrial enterprises and heat power engineering.
  • Investments: more than KZT 4 billion
  • Workplaces - 300 people
  • Production base: Glubokoye settlement, East Kazakhstan Region, the total area of industrial premises is 11,130 square meters. Territory - 5.4 ha. Communications, equipment.
  • The supplier of equipment and technologies is EUROVEK, a member of the TERMO concern (Slovenia), the largest manufacturer of mineral wool products in Europe.

The environmentally friendly IZOTERM mineral wool consists of the finest interlacing fibers obtained by high-temperature melting of stone (gabbro-diabase). The thermal insulation properties of IZOTERM mineral wool are accounted for by its content of a large number of air pores and channels up to 96% of the total volume of wool, in which the thermal conductivity of the air in a stationary state is very low. 

The key to the success of IZOTERM is the availability of unique competitive advantages, convenient geographical location in relation to raw materials bases and main sales markets, the availability of high-end technical specialists trained abroad. The range of products offers a wide spectrum of positions, focused on meeting all the needs of the market and ready to satisfy the most demanding buyer. An effective quality control of the products has been established thanks to its own accredited laboratory as well as a testing and training center. 

The company invests great efforts in the development of production, updating its equipment and constantly improving the quality of its products. The use of innovative technologies in production has allowed the company to reach a new level in a short time, allowing it to compete with both Russian and foreign manufacturers. The production line makes it possible to take into account the preferences of each client regarding the dimensions and thicknesses of the board as well as to manufacture products of non-standard sizes and boards for the production of "sandwich"-type panels.

IZOTERM products have passed all necessary tests and certifications.

The product offering of IZOTERM includes heat and sound insulation boards for the insulation of the roofing and facades of buildings, for the production of sandwich-type wall and roof panels, unloaded insulation boards for enclosing structures, and heat insulation mats made of basalt fiber, laminated with foil and fiberglass.

The key to the success of IZOTERM is the availability of unique competitive advantages and dynamic development. The range of products offers positions focused on market needs, an effective quality control of the products has been established. The distribution network operates effectively.